5 Amazing International Eco Hotels
Mar 2012 22

Eco-friendly lodging has taken on a whole new meaning. If you are looking to stay at an eco-friendly lodge, you no longer have to settle for tents and sticks. Across the globe, numerous LEED-certified, green hotels are popping up that encompass luxury and an aesthetic that is certainly Peacock-worthy. Coupled with beautiful views and a great number of interesting amenities, vacationing at an eco-friendly resort may just be the new way to relax.

Check out the five amazing lodges below, and we’ll promise you’ll have your bags packed and flight booked in no time.

EcoParaiso – Mexico


Eco Parasio

The EcoParaiso in Mexico is highly dedicated to sustainable living. They don’t purchase individually packaged items. Shampoo and conditioner, for example, are purchased in bulk and placed in special dispensers in each shower. Each room also contains purified water that is not bottled to prevent excess waste. All water from the hotel is reused. Water from showers, for example, is filtered and used to irrigate plants. Along with beautiful scenery, the EcoParaiso also offers an array of activities, including bicycle circuits, open air museum, organic garden, wellness and spa, cooking lessons and numerous tours.

Tranquilseas Eco Lodge – Honduras


Tranquilseas EcoLodge

This lodge is beautifully decorated with tropical gardens. At Tranquilseas, you can relax in your beautiful cabana or enjoy one of the many activities, including snorkeling, boat tours, diving, bird watching or windsurfing. You can even enjoy the serenity of having your own island for a day. (Yes, your own island!) Enjoy the tranquil sounds of the Caribbean while enjoying a cocktail on the beach.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel – Netherlands


De Vrouwevan Stavoren Hotel

Spend the night sleeping in a 14,500 liter cask that once flavored thousands of wine bottles. Rather than being destroyed, the casks were moved and are now sleeping accommodations for travelers. Wine casks have been converted into rooms that hold two people. Not only does the Stavoren Hotel highlight beauty, but its recycled nature is great for the environment and makes for a great vacation story.

Gyreum Ecolodge – Ireland

gyreum ecolodge

Gyerum EcoLodge

The Gyreum Ecolodge is a solar- and wind-powered lodge half buried in the Earth. Constructed from renewable resources, this is the first lodge in Europe to earn the EU Eco Label. One wind turbine powers the heat, solar panels powers the hot water and, as for bathrooms, there is an outside compost toilet. Rain water is collected into a large tank and used for showers and toilets.

URBN Hotel Shanghai – China


URBN Hotel Shanghai

The URBM Hotel Shanghai is China’s first carbon-neutral hotel. Most of the rooms were made with recycled, natural and local materials. Along with eco-friendly accommodations, guests can indulge in eco-friendly amenities. The spa offers all-natural skincare products. When guests dine at the hotel, they are surrounded by bamboo shading, dim-set lighting and recycled decor. Along with the spa, other hotel amenities include Chinese cooking, calligraphy, tai chi, yoga and bike tours.