Not A TV Gimmick, Get UP By Jawbone
Mar 2012 23

You want to have the best friends, be in the best of health, and have money to enjoy life to its fullest extent. You need all three of these equally to be in perfect peacock harmony. How do you achieve this? I’ll tell you.

The one thing I can help you with now is your health, we’ll save the money and friends part for another day. Maybe you’ve unsuccessfully tried every piece of health equipment on TV – you hear me Suzanne Summers (ThighMaster)! Enter “UP” by Jawbone, this is a revolutionary system (wristband + iPhone app) that tracks your activity and sleep and inspires you to move more, sleep better and eat smarter.

How’s it work? You wear the wristband, it records biometric data such your activity & sleep. This is all then synced and analyzed on its complementary iPhone app. Got it? Good, welcome to a healthier you.

Key features:

  • Track your activity 24/7: Steps, distance, calories burned, pace, intensity level and GPS routes.
  • Track your sleep: Hours slept, deep vs. light sleep, awake time and overall sleep quality.
  • Log your meals: Snap quick photos to create a journal of what you eat; then respond to prompts about how each meal makes you feel.
  • Join challenges: Join fun health challenges to keep you moving more, sleeping better and eating smarter. Challenge your friends, collaborate on goals, even create your own challenges.
  • Smart wake up alarm: Program your UP wristband to vibrate on your wrist and intelligently wake you up at the ideal moment in your natural sleep cycle just before your desired wake up time; helps you feel as refreshed as possible.
  • Activity reminders: Program your UP wristband to vibrate on your wrist and remind you to move when you’ve been inactive.

Thanks to UP there’s no more excuses to being lazy, eating poorly, or missing an event. It’s tied to you day and night to make you a better person. It’s only 1/3 of the puzzle of life, but it’s a step in the right direction, now that is Peacock.

Start Peacocking your “UP” priced from $90 to $180 Buy It