The Worlds Best Cologne: Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier
Dec 2012 17

Jean Paul Gaultier is the French fashion designer and creator of “Le Male”- the world’s best cologne. Le Male (born in 95′) has withstood the test of time; in fact, this cologne is timeless. This is nothing like the Drakkar Noir fad from early 90’s that every kid and their father drenched their necks with.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Cologne

This is the Rolex of cologne. From a personal standpoint, my bullpen is full or man-fumes (I added man, dropped the “per”- I’m a creative genius!) that I keep in the rotation. You always need to keep it fresh with different scents no matter how much you adore that certain glass bottle. I am not a believer of wearing a fruit cocktail cologne in the summer or a heavy whiskey barrel-scent in the manly winter. It’s a simple concept, a good scent works in any and all seasons like an Allen Iverson crossover in his day.

Let me break it down for you caveman style: Le Male = good smell. Poop = bad smell. Though cavemen have been known to rub poo all over their bodies to hide their natural scent from prey, it is not acceptable anytime of the year this day in age.

However, wearing Le Male any time of the year if 100% acceptable. Get my point? I don’t, but bare with me. I really cannot describe the smell with a bunch of catchy adjectives nor should I. If you don’t know it, and you smell it for the first time, you will recognize the scent. Don’t deny the fact that you smelled that before, but were too cool/tough to ask the other dude what he was wearing. Give yourself a High-Five Hollywood for being cool…and also wearing Drakkar 10 years too long!  Peacocking is about standing out in a good way, and smelling better is no exception. Le Male will help do that as well.

Start Peacocking your Le Male today priced around $50 Buy It

Jean Paul Gaultier Commercial

High-Five Hollywood