5 Peacockin’ iPad Apps You Should Own
Mar 2012 28

Some people say that music soothes the savage beast. While you might one day get attacked by a bear and need to lull it into a peaceful mood with your iPad, most people don’t live that dramatic a life. Most of the time, you’ll probably just want to chill out with some tunes. The good news is, you have thousands of apps to choose from for doing just that. The following group are some of the primo music apps out there today.

Songs That Shaped Rock ‘n Roll

Rock And Roll App Icon

Rock And Roll

This is a 600 song list that takes you through the music that created the rock sounds you hear today all around you. While it might sound like a history lesson, Songs That Shaped Rock ‘n Roll is a musical tour through where a lot of today’s core sounds came from. At one point, these were pure creative innovation.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on iTunes

Mix II

Mix II App

Mix II

If you’ve ever had the urge to remix a dance song, this is your chance. Using gyroscopic controls and all kinds of effects, you can work on altering 20 of Deadmau5’s songs to sound the way they should to your ears. Okay, it’s just a fun little toy. But it’s also a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

Mix II on iTunes

Map Pad HD

Map Pad App

Map Pad

With MadPad, you can record absolutely any sound and turn it into a loop. You can change the pitch, start or stop the sound to be looped with a mere tap on the relevant thumbnail, and add a lot of other effects that make ordinary sounds anything but. If you’ve got the urge to sample, you can make that happen in a big way.

Map Pad on iTunes


Vevo App


Go on Vevo, find the music that makes your day and play it. This is one of the most straight forward apps around. Sometimes you just want to hear something great.

Vevo on iTunes

Guitar World Lick of the Day

Guitar World Lick Of The Day

Lick Of The Day

If you love learning to play the guitar and have a sense of adventure, this is for you. Every day you get a random song and lessons on how to play it. You can develop a truly eclectic personal repertoire in no time.

Guitar World Lick of the Day on iTunes