Skrillex: The Myth, The Man, The Dubstep?
Mar 2012 26

Who is this Skrillex guy everyone is talking about? It’s almost like he’s in the wind and nobody knows anything about him. He is not all over TMZ, he is not interested in doing Late Night to have Letterman make jokes about his goth – look because he doesn’t relate to anyone under 60. I am not even going to get started on Jay Leno – how the hell is that guy on TV? I digress.

I am no raver or late night party boy that wants to dance like Kevin Bacon in an abandoned warehouse. Skrillex, quite frankly, is the SHIT! I am a punk rock mosh pit veteran, an acoustic mellowed out pot head, a Pearl Jam Ten Club member, and a mother fuckin’ dubstepper now! Dubstep is a mix of heavy bass lines, powerful drum beats, and some vocals thrown in the mix as well. Oh, thanks for that Wikipedia.


Skrillex, born Sonny Moore, was the lead singer of screamo band From First To Last. His vocals got destroyed screaming every night and had to find something else. The kid, now 24, and touring the world at 16 was OCD about practicing – the opposite of Allen Iverson. Skrillex will do 300 shows per year and on nights off he’ll try to spin somewhere, anywhere, like a desperate DJ looking for more gigs. It’s not the fact that he needs the gigs, 300 is plenty, it is the fact that he loves what he does and cannot stop.

You would think he was in to drugs when you are part of the vampire scene. He doesn’t mess with anything other than a bottle of booze and Red Bull. What the F&$K is up with his hair- some might ask. He used to have his hair cover his face as much as possible to hide his acne, throughout his school days. It was an insecurity that every kid goes through – I would have worn a mask to high school if I could have! He decided that he is what he is and shaved the one side of his head so that he can be free. It is really a form of Peacocking. Nothing holding Skrillex back as he is now comfortable in his own skin. However, he is still not interested in being famous or being all over the tube and web. He likes the low profile and it adds to his mystic.


Skrillex is all about the fans and he wants them to have a great time. He is a DJ that feels the crowd, reacts to the crowd, and feeds off of them. Like a car feeds on gasoline, he feeds on the crowd to keep him moving – but not in a Jefferey Dahmer kind of way. Then comes the music as “drop the bass” bursts out and the crowd moves violently with ever beat as he is the master of puppets. From hard core ravers, to skater punks, to metal heads, to emo kids, he has them all grooving with him to the sounds of chaos. The sounds that come from the speakers are the same sounds you would hear if Optimus Prime decided to break dance.

Do yourself a favor, search him on Spotify and blast Kyoto. The heavy robotic sounds, to the rapid laser fire mimicking the guns from Contra will have you bobbing your head and saying “what the fuck is this” at the same time.

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