Chill Your Drinks Without Watering Them Down
Dec 2013 13

You spend your hard earned money on delicious single-malt scotch only to add ice cubes from the freezer which water it down, changes the scent, and the flavor profile due to the chlorine/fluoride that is typically found in ‘tap’ water. This is not Peacock.

There’s an alternative: ‘whiskey rocks.’ These rocks (made of soapstone, granite, stainless steel or hand-blown glass) all chill whiskeys and other fine liquors to their ideal drinking temperature (about 59°F,) without adding unwanted taste or diluting the drink. They stay cold, ensuring a smooth and leisurely drinking experience.

Use them at your next party, and when you serve your drinks they will truly be “on the rocks.”

Start Peacocking your Whiskey Rocks today priced $10 to $40