No.1 Ski Resort In The East: Killington
Jan 2014 13

Killington Ski Resort is our top ranked ski destination east of the mighty Mississippi. We use our Einstein-like theory to calculate the results: fun + snow = awesomeness. 141 trails, 22 lifts (including 2 gondola’s for your 420 indulgences) and 4,200 feet in elevation to give you the longest ski season in the east.

Killington is the beast of the east until we capture Bigfoot. When you plan a ski trip (or snowboard trip since nobody on the EVP teams ski’s) they are 5 things that must play a major factor in your decision making, snow, terrain, accommodations, nightlife, and food.

1. Snowfall

If they don’t get snow, you don’t go. Killington avg’s more snow than most mountains on the east coast. Significantly less since Al Gore’s campaign to burn the world. However, they are averaging over 200 inches per season. While that is not the most snow for a mountain in Vermont (VT), they have the snow-making ability almost as powerful as the man upstairs.

2. Terrain

Do you really want to do the green circles (bunny hills) or are you adventurous like Sonny Bono?

The Stash Perrain Park – one of only 6 Burton Terrain Parks in the world. The Stash is all about the nature and using its elements to bring you an all natural riding experience. Intermediate level park, but fun stuff for all.

Killington Peak – The “Canyons” as it is known to some has the best snow and the steepest terrain. Be on your game up there.

3.  Accommodations

Killington has beautiful lodging all over the place, but I am more for the log cabin/mountain house rental kind of guy. This is what they specialize in VT.

Get a place with a hot tub (for dude soup) bus shuttle access, a big kitchen, and no more than a couple of miles from the mountain. You don’t want to drive to the mountain if you don’t have to and you do want to get drunk during Apres Ski.

4. Foodies

If you are a foodie like myself, you want to go out to a nice restaurant after a day of boarding…or hanging at the bar because you got hurt on your first run.

Top food picks:

Breakfast – Sugar & Spice is typically our place to stop as we are heading out of town. It is perfect to pick up some homemade maple syrup or jam, and have the best breakfast of your life prior to getting outta Dodge. You can see the buckets in all of their trees sucking the natural maple syrup out – the stuff you just put on your pancakes.

Lunch – Killington Mt. Duh, what did you expect me to say? Sit down in the Snowshed Lodge have a Long Trail Pale Ale and get yourself some New England clam chowder in a bread bowl.

DinnerBack Behind  is a 10 minute drive from the resort, but well worth it as it’s a mom & pop shop and the food is incredible. They have a caboose you can sit in to eat as well, but you must order the fried pickles! You’ll leave fat & happy and will likely be in a food coma.

5. Nightlife

Though most trips you are beat after a day of riding, there is always a night or two that you want to go out and get shitty.

Top bar picks:

Wobbly Barn – This place is a staple in Killington. It is a great steakhouse, but has some of the best Apres Ski you’ll find in town. Not to mention, free nachos.  I am sold on that alone!

Pickle Barrel – The PB is an all out party bar. If you are looking to get loose and dance like Judson Laipply this is your place! Good DJ’s, good bands, good drinks, and 3 floors to party your face off.

There you have it. Your ski trip is not all about just the mountain, it has to have all the essential parts to make a vacation more enjoyable. The other mountains that made the honorable mention list are: Stowe, Mount Snow, and Jay Peak.

Ride The Stash

Ride the Gondola

Dance like Judson Laipply