Peacock Your TEAM, Not The Player: MLB Vintage Wear
Apr 2014 01

The beginning of April brings a few pranks, some Showers that lead to May flowers, and one of the best days of the year…Opening Day of Baseball. There is nothing quite like the start of baseball season, when fans of all teams start with a hope and aspiration that their team can bring them a World Series trophy come Fall. Unless of course you’re a Mets fan, in which case your season is just a constant reminder that you made a horrible decision each time you check the Major League baseball standings.

Philadelphia Phillies 1950 Home Jersey

The real question though is do you have your baseball gear ready for the season? Or are you dusting off the same old jersey from last year? Same Player T-shirt that 30,000 plus other fans are herding around the stadium like sheep in as well? Isn’t it time for you to consider a different approach rather than blending in with a sea of Jeter, Pujols, and Ortiz gear?

Instead of being player focused, turn your attention to supporting your team and the history behind them with the latest styles from Mitchell & Ness. Look sports is more about business now…how many players stay in one spot for their careers? How many Met fans had to throw out their Reyes and Beltran gear this year…even worse think about all the poor souls in St Louis turning in their Pujols jerseys to the Salvation Army or even better/worse burning them.

Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 Throwback Jersey

Well if you focused on supporting your team you’d be much better off, and as an added bonus you can up your game Peacock style as well. Check out these Mitchell & Ness Men’s and Women’s Henley’s, or these Throwback Hoodies that will carry you through till the summer. Once the heat arrives you can start rocking these ultra soft T-Shirts that will make everything else you wear feel like a cardboard box.

If you insist on donning player sponsored gear than Mitchell & Ness has the best way for you to do that too. They specialize in Throwback Vintage Jerseys of players from the past…not just any players…we’re talking about the true legends of the game. The Michael Jack Schmidt, Carlton Fisk, and Reggie Jackson type players that are immortalized to their teams. Wear one of these jerseys to a game and you will be Peacocking at a very high level.

Don’t have the $200-$275 for one of these gems…well I bet if you added up all the money you spent supporting multiple “next big deal” free agents/rookies that became nothing but the “next big dud” you could have 2 or3 throwback jerseys that actually meant something to you.

Reggie Jackson Peacocking while at bat

The season starts NOW so you have no time to spare. Put your trust in Everything Peacock and even more so Mitchell & Ness. Then get ready for a full season of everyone noticing you as you reach your seat with two beers, two dogs in hand, and Peacocking like only you know how to do.
Start Peacocking your Throwback today priced from $50 to $275

Burning Jersey’s

Reggie Jackson Peacocking his way into history