5 Best Summer Drinking Games
May 2014 10

As I sit here typing away, I have a little extra pep in my step – or fingers for that matter. Our sun is gently dropping behind the Empire State Building and within minutes the city will illuminate into stars. There is something special in the air, not just pollen, but the smell of summer. Go ahead, stick your mug out the window and take a big fucking whiff – summer is coming!

Inflatable Beer Pong = Peacock

This is the best time of the year, especially for us east coast city people who hibernate in the off season with wine, takeout, and a steady dose of Mad Men, True Blood, Dexter, and Breaking Bad to get us through. The anticipation of what that’s just around the corner is nearly killing me – Dewey Beach, LBI, hiking, camping, baseball, barbequing, and drinking outside. It’s time to get out and let loose. Here on the east coast, people are happier thanks to our imaginations. We’re not sitting at a desk, we’re sitting on the beach watching the tide roll out…like a Corona commercial. We are all EXCITED and ready for the livin’ to be easy.

In order to make your summer even more enjoyable, we have found 5 games that are going to make any gathering a little more fun and make you less socially-awkward. These games are all games I’ve played many times, 4/5 are DIY Drinking Games, and 5/5 of them I got so drunk playing that I wet myself. The names may be incorrect, but if you cannot understand them please feel free to check yourself into the nearest mental retardation center.

  1. Beer PongNo explanation necessary. A go to for every party, wedding, church gathering, or funeral.
  2. Cornhole – Yes I think of Beavis & Butthead every time I hear the name of this game.
  3. Beersbie/Flimsee/Frisbee – Whatever the name is, this is a great game! Watch this!
  4. Washers – How to build: take a wood box, nail an empty can of Maxwell House in the center, go to your parents garage and grab some big ass washers,  throw them in the can or box, chug a beer. Done.
  5. Ladderball – At Citizens Bank Park, this is very popular game for a Phillies tailgate. Try it at your stadium too.

Of course they don’t always have to be associated with drinking, we just highly recommend it. So Peacock the warm months as much as you can by enjoying all these games at least once!

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Let’s Pong!