Bubba Watson Wins The 2012 Masters
Apr 2012 09

Not Tiger Woods, not Phil Mickelson, not Louis Oosthuizen (whose name I cannot pronounce), but Bubba fuckin Watson! You know, the guy who can drive the ball 350 yards, the guy who is a lefty, the guy who never won a Major, and the guy with the hot pink driver. I appreciate the pink driver for breast cancer awareness and also the fact that my girlfriend liked him for doing that-which gave me a free pass to watch the final round during Easter dinner. I do apologize for that one, Jesus.

Not only is the Master’s Tournament the most prestigious event in golf, but Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most magical courses on the planet. Founded by Bobby Jones, whom we all saw on that commercial a million times, Augusta National focuses on the beauty of the course, the challenge to the golfer, and is the most exclusive club in America. You have to pretty much be a CEO of a major corp, a big shot banker, or be a politician. I think I would rather listen to “Iron” Mike Tyson say the word Mississippi 1,000 times than hang with those dudes…and dudes they are since they do not allow female members.


Bubba is a grown man and does hold it together very well on the course. He is not a baby like Tiger kicking his clubs, but he certainly did cry like one after his win. I don’t blame him, he just won $1,440,000 and the highest honors in golf – the green jacket. That is Peacocking in the golf world as less than 100 people have that same jacket. Here is a great video that shows the way Bubba won this tournament. His beautiful second shot from the trees, surrounded by the crowd, was the shot of the tournament. Sorry Phil, your flop shot on 15 was amazing – but it did not win the Masters.

Watch this awesome video here: Bubba Watson wins the 2012 Masters