Ultra Modern Watches By Philippe Starck
May 2014 25

Philippe Starck is a French designer, was born in Paris and is one of the prolific designers in the world. He experiments with unusual, interesting, innovative and futuristic designs to transform them into a Peacocky statement.

Giga Yacht by Phileppe Stark

He is so renowned that he has been commissioned to design a wide variety of things such as property, hotel and restaurant interiors, yachts, furniture, windmills, the Virgin Galactic Spaceport to redesigning smaller objects such as toothbrushes, cutlery, lamps, clocks, and beds. Why is this? It’s because his designs are Peacock, and now it’s time for you to see his latest creations – Philippe Starck Watches.

I’m not really sure how you even tell the time with some of his watches, and that’s really the point. Watches are more about style on your wrist then keeping track of the hour (just figure it out by the sun’s location). Let’s face it, we all have cell phones nowadays so a watch in today’s world is now more inherently about style. These watches are modernistic with a streamline look and if you are wicked smart, like Good Will Hunting, you can even tell time with them!

These watches are from Starck’s collaboration with Fossil to create a collection of unique timepieces that will be sure to open many conversations – they are more conversation pieces than timepieces if you will.

Start Peacocking your Philippe Stark Watch today priced $100 to $300