From Another Planet – Ziiiro Watches
Apr 2012 23

With watch names like Proton, Ion, Celeste, Orbit, Aurora, Mercury and Gravity, you know Ziiiro Watches are out of this world and from another planet. Unique in every way, they feature a design that eliminates all non-essential components, which makes them look like a watch that the Cylon’s from Battlestar Galactica would wear.

Ziiiro Watches

From Ziiiro’s website – “The concept of the first ZIIIRO Watch is a clock face without hands or markings, but a constantly changing pattern of rings indicating the passing of time. The main theme is minimalism, so there are no distracting elements in the design, and after a short time you will acquire a feel for reading the time.”

Click on the image for an explanation on how to read the swirls and colors. Available in men’s, women’s, and unisex so anyone can Peacock.

Get the iPhone App (note it is spelled ZeroWatch).

Visit this site to get your ZIIIRO Watch, and remember – Zero Buttons. Zero Loose Parts. Zero Numbers. Ziiiro Watches.