Peacock Perfume Picks of 2012
Apr 2012 19

Introducing the Peacock Perfume Picks of 2012 to make you feel sexy on any spring/summer excursion.  Peacocking is more than just finding that perfect sun dress, or hot new sexy shoe it’s also about accessorizing. The little things DO make a difference and finding that perfect fragrance is no exception. Girls, if you’re missing any of these fragrances it’s time to broaden your collection and stimulate your senses.

Couture Couture: This feminine scent is perfect for everyone.  Its floral, heavenly fragrance is ever so subtle, yet it lingers for hours allowing you to always smell incredible.  This is perfect for anyone who enjoys a light, refreshing perfume.

Dolce & Gabbana The One: This perfume is a strong, sensual and delicious fragrance! It also has a hint of floral but is complimented with a vibrant, citrus, fruity scent.  This scent is for the ultimate diva and is “The One” for any date night.

Viktor & Ralph Flowerbomb: Think of the smell of tropical islands; soft, rich, fresh.  This perfume is a great choice for day or night and after one spray you will love the sweet, soft, romantic and powdery aroma that is you.
Start Peacocking your Fragrance today priced $50 to $110