Marc Ecko Watches
May 2014 26

Marc Ecko is an MC, designer, and author – definitely a trend setter and not a follower. After briefly embarking on a traditional career Marc knew that his path would be different than most. So in 1993, at the tender age of 20 he founded Ecko Unlimited.

From his humble beginnings in his parents garage in New Jersey, he is now the driving force behind his billion dollar brand which features shirts, shoes, sneakers, jewelry, boots, and other fashion accessories that can set you apart from the crowd. His watches are no exception.

His timepieces fuse the same energy, street smarts, and elegance of his clothing lines so you can Peacock full time. There are both men’s and ladies models, and they range from supremely practical, sport-inspired chronographs to jewel-encrusted faces, with everything in between. See our top picks below or visit this site to see more Marc Ecko Watches.

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