Kentucky Derby: To Flop? Or Not To Flop? That Is The Question
May 2014 01

May 2rd and 3rd, 2014 marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Oaks and Derby! Last year’s attendance was sprinkled with Peacocking celebrities including Marissa Miller, Mary J. Blige, Lindsey Vonn, Tinsley Mortimer , Steffi Graf, Erin Andrews, Bonnie-Jill Laflin, Debra Messing, Kellan Lutz, Diana DeGarmo, and Cyndi Lauper. And what were they wearing? Floppy, wide-brimmed hats were all the posh! Making its debut in the 1930s, floppy hats have held their spot in our fashion hearts.

Peacocking Derby Style

This year, the key to Peacock your floppy hat is extra large fabric flowers and bows (see image). Bring out the Southern Belle in you and find the perfect Derby Hat with bright, patterned accessories. The hats themselves are typically solid, to keep with the tradition as in the 1920s, but this year, spice up that solid by picking out this seasons tones: coral and turquoise.

Also, 2014 marks the 6th Annual Derby “PINK OUT.” On Friday Pink is the traditional color for the Kentucky Oaks, and for the past 4 years pink has been splashed all over buildings, seating, and even the jockeys! Try to incorporate some pink into your ensemble– especially if you pair it turquoise, you will be simply radiant!

You can discover your perfect Derby Hat anywhere from Etsy, to Nordstroms, to Bloomingdales with prices ranging from $50-$500. If you cannot swing a high price but still want to look like a celebrity, try purchasing a simple floppy hat; then run to your local craft and fabric stores for supplies to create your own large accessories!

Heff Peacocking at the Derby

For men…“just stick a feather in it.” Seriously! Find a large feather, matching your lady’s ensemble, of course, and have your lady attach it to your typical top hat or fedora (see how Tom Brady Peacocks at the Derby) with some fabric or ribbon. But if it’s a local theme party you are going to, forget everything I said. Be crazy! Put a horse on your head, or maybe even the Derby building itself, like this guy.

Whether you choose to purchase, or create a unique splendor on your own, is up to you. But remember, the Kentucky Oaks and Derby is going on 140 strong years, so it’s no small fanfare.
Start Peacocking your Floppy Hat today priced from $15 to $500