‘Randall The Enamel Animal’ Makes Even Bud Light Taste Good
May 2012 02

Is an “organoleptic hop transducer module” Peacock?

Fuck yeah it is.

I don’t speak brew nerd but I believe it roughly translates to “device that could possibly make Old Milwaukee palatable.” Intriguing, yes?

Hell yes. Let me explain…

About a decade ago, the always-innovate beer geeks at Dogfish Head brewery set out to develop a novel device that would, on-the-fly, infuse their famed 120 Minute IPA – a bitter brew in its own right – with enough hops to (as they put it) “strip the enamel off your teeth.

Randall The Enamel Animal

The Original Randall

Well – to the dismay of 4 out of 5 dentists – they succeeded, and before you knew it Randall the Enamel Animal was in mass production.

Randall, at its core, is essentially a filter that sits between the keg and tap. You fill the filtration tubes with hops, or fruit, or coffee, a bag of Doritos, whatever. As the brew flows through the Enamel Animal, the alcohol within will strip the flavor from whatever it encounters imparting a rich and exciting flavor upon whatever beer you feed it.

While Randall the Enamel Animal garnered a lot of attention in beer circles, at $375, it wasn’t going to find its way into the homes of anyone who’s lexicon didn’t already include terms like mash tun, original gravity, and phenolic. So, in response to overwhelming demand, Dogfish released Randall Jr. A barebones model that, for $20, should be able to give your quality brew a fresh face or, at the very least, turn that Bud Light into less shitty Bud Light.

Get your (portable) organoleptic hop transducer module now. Or watch the pretty girl below demonstrate and buy one after.

Will Ferrell and Old Milwaukee

Will Ferrell and Bud Light