No Time? “Work That Body” At HOME Girls!
Apr 2013 03

It’s that time of year-Spring is being forgotten and Summer is the top anticipation. You’ve packed away your winter clothes and whilst Spring cleaning you find that trying on your Summer Styles doesn’t make you wish for Summer to come as quickly as you had wanted… you need an extra month to get in shape.

Ugh, exercise. Most of us dread it. Who likes looking back on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years feasts and regretting that extra dessert you ate? And just the thought of going to the gym to see “fit” people and paying a membership bogs you down. Well, I am an avid scavenger for finding ways to work out at HOME. Follow these tips to get to a better YOU and sport a ‘Summer Bod‘ in no time.

Discipline = Routine

The Hardest part of beginning a workout routine, is actually beginning a workout routine. Proper planning is Peacock, so print out a month calendar and tape it to your wall. Now on this blank calendar, *star* 3 to 4 days a week in which you plan to work out. (Example- Monday, Thursday, Saturday.) The point is, you can’t back out. You plan Happy Hours don’t you? Well, say hello to your new date nights with your sneakers! So any future events, you MUST plan around your starred days. Disciplining yourself to do so will make this process a whole lot easier in the long run – you won’t regret it!

Five Food Groups

We all know half the battle to getting a Summer Bod is eating right—and I don’t mean a diet. Diet has a bad connotation, and I refuse to promote that. There is no need to buy special pre-made diet meals, or take any pills, or drink any slim shakes/body cleansers. Simply, just remember what we learned in grade school: the Five Food Groups. Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy, Protein.

Here are some daily suggestions:

  • Breakfast – Oatmeal (buy flavored or just add some syrup or cinnamon); Bran cereals; Toast with peanut butter and bananas; yogurt with granola, raisins, or fruit; Carrot muffin with a glass of milk. Note*Berries (blueberries especially) are Great for your brain and give you a boost of energy to start your day so try to make a fruit smoothie with berries, milk, and yogurt!
  • Lunch – Salad with salmon, chicken, octopus, etc. (try to squeeze on lemon instead of dressing); flat bread margherita pizza; lettuce wraps with chicken or garbanzo beans.
    *Snacks – Granola bars; bowls of fruit/apples/oranges; baby carrots; edamame (great protein); celery with peanut butter; trail mix: chex, raisins, peanuts; cheese and healthy crackers.
  • Dinner – Pasta with a light sauce and spinach and chicken; meat and broccoli with melted cheese; fish with rice and a side salad.
    *After workout—protein is key: chicken; or even a small peanut butter milkshake.

Cardio AND Weights

Most women I know stick to the treadmill or elliptical when working out; while lots of cardio helps burn fat off, it does little for your muscles. Try to warm up using the stairs or riding your bike instead. 15 minutes doing either cardio is a good amount of warm up time. Anything beyond 15 minutes is a pure cardio workout, which is good to get a day or two in a week of just a pure cardio workout. The other 2 to 3 workout days should be focused on working your muscles for proper tone.

All you need to have a great workout at home are dumbbells and a chair! Seriously, most exercises at home don’t really require much more. If you want to explore different exercise techniques then you can include a jump rope, a yoga mat, elastic bands, and blow up balls.

Choose what part of your body you want to focus on per workout (legs, arms, butt, belly) and find at least 5 different exercises to focus on that area. A workout of about an hour to an hour and a half is great! Here is a great slideshow along with some videos to help you find exercises that are easy and enjoyable:

Remember to rest, stretch, hydrate, and BREATH! Work on being dedicated to your new Summer Bod and hopefully your month routine will turn into 3 months..6 months.. a year!

Working out helps you avoid heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, live longer, sleep better, and feel confident. Before you know it you’ll be Peacocking all over the beach this summer – congrats to you for your hard work!