James Bonds New Ride: The Water Car?
Apr 2012 12

You’ve seen all the James Bond films where he always seems to have all the latest tech gadgets and rides while at the time are based on fantasy. The reality is some of this stuff comes to life. Introducing the Water Car; a car that drives just as efficiently on water as it does your nearest highway.

Now you won’t be using it in a chase scene to avoid capture from your latest nemeses who has a plot to take over the world, but you can use it to Peacock your summer activities. Imagine it’s the weekend, no need for a trailer, just grab your friends, pack your prerequisite beers (vodka in my case), sun tan lotion, and wakeboard and head to the beach. Even better, just bypass the traffic and hit the open water and reach your destination hours ahead of everyone – this is Peacock.

Bond Peacocking on the Water Car?

Now the Water Car wasn’t created by the British Secret Service for Bond to do his dirty work and wind up with his love interest drinking champagne or to go scuba diving in some exotic local with her. It was good ol’ American ingenuity. It all started in the late 1990’s, a mad genius by the name of Dave March noticed that a number of design specifications between cars and boats were being shared. This gave Dave the idea of developing high-performance cars that could be driven on the water, and BOOM, he put it all together in neat little package just for you, now aren’t you glad he did all the hard work? Of course you are.

As much as you’d like to you won’t be able to drive under water while trying to escape your assassins. You can’t even have rear mounted machine guns installed, but having a car that drives on both land and water will surely increase your DHV by a factor of 1.5. Don’t enjoy warm weather the way you want to, but rather WHERE you want to – land or water.

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