The SlimFold Wallet Is Minimalism Personified
May 2012 18

I’m a minimalist. But I’m also eco-friendly, a utilitarian, fashion conscious, and in dire need of a new wallet.

For those who share such a ridiculously unique set of characteristics, today is your lucky day because I think I found what you’re looking for.

Allow me to introduce the SlimFold wallet. An Etsy-flavored, innovative card carrier born in California, the SlimFold is the slender cash sack that inconspicuously slips into your front pocket as easy as your back. Fashioned from Tyvek – the same space-age material FedEx uses to ensure your packages arrive dry and intact – it’s as durable as leather yet light as a feather and won’t cost you much cheddar.

$20. Get one today at

  • Maverick

    I’ve had my slim fold wallet for a week now. While it is very lightweight, thin and cool – it is already showing pretty heavy wear n’ tear.  The threads are fraying (a little) and the edges are beginning to wear through.  Tyvex is great for envelopes because it doesn’t tear – but rubbing the material for extended periods of times will definitely burn through.  I’ll follow up in a month to see if it makes it.

    • Dave

      Well…did it make it? 🙂

      • Obrien Kevan

        Actually, it has made it. The wearing down of the material has practically stopped; I think it adds character. Only gripe is the window and flap for the ID holder – both have lost their crispness and have become stretched. Perhaps the weakest part of the wallet – improvement r&d should be focused here.

        • Jim

          I have had my Slimfold for 2-3 months now and it looks like 2-3 yrs of wear. Yes its thin and light, but i almost feel embarrassed when I pay for things as it looks VERY CHEAP and worn. I would not but another one. 

          • Nick

            Any pictures for reference?