Return To Your Evolutionary Roots With The Merrell Trail Glove
May 2012 25

For reasons that likely have more to do with greed then necessity, over the past few decades we have seen a revolution in running shoe design viewed by some as a DE-volution of our natural biomechanics. By capriciously injecting technology into a product that wasn’t necessarily calling for it, we’ve engendered a biomechianical adaptation that a growing number of scientists and runners believe have caused more problems than it has solved.

Like they say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Merrell Trail Glove – Mudder Approved

For generations, Native Americans, Greeks, primordial hunter-gatherers, etc.. ran 10, 20, 50 miles at a time in nothing more than a slipshod sandal if not barefoot entirely. There was no discussion of pronation, gait analysis, and heel striking; simply the effortless exhibition of a well-refined evolutionary trait that stretches back to the dawn of man.

Well, a subculture of what has been called minimalist running has embraced that knowledge and ran with it (pun intended), and reflexively, the industry has been forced to adapt. A popular and Peacock-approved installment in the minimalist line is the Merrell Trail Glove. Weighing in at just a shade over 6 ounces, this shoe eschews all the bells and whistles found in most running footwear ensuring a return to your evolutionary roots. A Vibram sole effectively serves as the Greek sandal providing modern protection – while maintaining ample flexibility – with the mesh upper and patented Omni-Fit lacing system securing it to your foot like a second skin.

All reports indicate that, true to Merrell form, they are extremely durable and should not only withstand, but excel, in all elements from rain to snow, from mountain to Mudder.

At $100 these boots are quite affordable, and in one authors opinion, certainly worth the investment to rediscover pure biomechanical efficiency. For more information check out the Merrell site or let the reviews speak for themselves.