Stand Up Paddleboarding
Jun 2013 27

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) or ‘Hoe he’e nalu’ in the Hawaiian language is a sport that is taking the world by storm. Perhaps you’ve been Peacockin’ on the beach lying back with a cold one with your HB9 and seen someone resembling Jesus walking on water. No – its just an SUP enjoying the summer rays in a new and profound way that you’ve never seen. What exactly is an SUP you say? I’ll tell you.

Surfer Laird Hamilton Peacockin’ SUP Style

It’s a board that is similar to a surfboard in shape and is made of glass reinforced resin that is usually 9’ to 12’ long, with features such as padded decks and concave hulls; they generally have one or three surfboard-style fins in the stern for tracking. Instead of lying on your stomach to maneuver around you stand up and use a paddle to move.

Within one hour you can become very comfortable on your board even if you’ve never surfed before. With the SUP you also have the versatility to paddle greater distances and still be able to drop in on a couple waves as well – gnarly! The only other equipment you need in addition to the paddle is a personal floatation device and you’re on your way.

Cost is typically $600 to $1500 for an SUP.

Other reasons to get an SUP:

  • Stand up paddleboarding is also more popular with women because of their lower center of gravity, women are often more skilled at paddleboarding than men
  • Gives you a full body workout, especially the core. It has become a favorite cross training activity for skiers and snowboarders
  • Because you’re standing you can also see all the sea life underwater
  • When there are no waves you need an option, and the SUP provides it because it can be surfed as well; surfers have converted because of the versatility of the new sport. Stand up paddle boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets.
  • Laird Hamillton is arguably the greatest big wave surfer of all time and even he rides one, so you know SUP’s are Peacock

So next time you’re on the beach and everyone else is playing paddle ball or building castles in the sand try something that will surly enhance your beach experience. SUP’s are here to stay and it’s up to you to get with the times, with World Tour Competitions offering big paydays you may want to reconsider your career path and trade that PC in for a SUP. The only things you need now are some strong boardshorts/bikini and sunscreen. Now grab your paddle and get out there!
Start Peacocking your SUP today priced from $400 to $2,000