The Car Of The Future Is Here, The Honda FCX Clarity
Dec 2010 21

Protecting the environment is always Peacock and the Honda FCX Clarity is perhaps the most unique and environmentally friendly car ever made. It’s not a typical hybrid or electric car so there’s no batteries at all, yet it can produce emission free power. Want to know more? Sure you do, I’ll tell you.

FCX Clarity

FCX Clarity

The Clarity is a hydrogen powered car, you fill it up in minutes with liquid hydrogen much like you do a modern petrol powered car. Then through its own on-board power producing station, it converts the hydrogen into electricity that powers an electric motor that turns the wheels. It produces so much energy that it could potentially power your house no problem. Even better, its performance and mileage is comparable to a modern petrol powered family car, so there’s no compromise.

You may be wondering if we will ever run out of hydrogen? No, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and we’re able to produce the needed liquid hydrogen for roughly the same price as gasoline – surely the Arab’s are shaking in their boots. It’s safe too, it’s no more flammable than gasoline so don’t think of the infamous Hindenburg scenario. The FCX is so Peacock it makes coal, nuclear, and wind power obsolete for automobiles, no need to ‘plug in’ anymore.

So what’s the catch? A complete hydrogen pump infrastructure. The good news is they’re already being built all over the globe from Canada to Denmark. In the U.S. in 2004, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an executive order to develop a plan for a “Hydrogen Highway,” a chain of hydrogen fueling stations. So get ready and kiss your not so green Prius goodbye, the car of the future is here. Visit this site and learn more about the FCX Clarity.
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