Speed Racer Has Come To Life: The Ford GTX1
Dec 2010 21

The 1960’s Ford GT40: One of my favorite cars to date. Not only does it have a short-lived but exceptional racing history, it’s absolutely gorgeous from every angle. The GT is a supercar that Ford built that drew inspiration from the GT40 that won so many of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, truly worthy of Peacock status.

Ford GTX1 = Peacock

Ford GTX1 = Peacock

An upgrade to the Ford GT is the GTX1. Loaded with more power (700 hp) and less suspension things have gotten even more interesting. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable performance numbers available for the GTX1. By comparison the lesser powered 550 hp GT has a top speed of 205 mph, and 1/4 mile time of 11.2 seconds @ 131.2 mph. One could only estimate the GTX1’s performance, with an additional 150 hp it should be a substantial improvement.

Being a roadster has its pros and cons, on one hand it’ll seriously mess with your hair style, on the other hand it’ll allow you to hear the pantomime exiting the enhanced exhaust system. Priced at $150,000 it was a bargain for the amount of uniqueness and performance. 500 were targeted to be built, sadly only 38 actually came to fruition.

I used to love watching Speed Racer as a kid, and in some aspects the GTX1 reminds me of how my favorite supercars really are cartoons that have come alive, and this topless monster is no exception.

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