Proof Aliens Are Real, Introducing THePetebox
Jul 2012 31

THePetebox (a.k.a The Human Beatchestra a.k.a The Musical Mutant) is a human beatboxer and live looper extraordinaire. I argue that he must be an alien because no human should be able to make these sounds, but until I find his spacecraft and introduce him to my family I’ll have to live with him being one of us. You may have never heard of him, but one listen and you’ll be hooked.

Hailing from the UK he is known throughout the world and an innovator of the looper/beatbox genera. His performances are more similar to that of a full band as he single handedly builds each layer of his tracks live using a loop pedal to construct fully crafted songs before the live audience. The songs are literally built right in front of the listener to watch and digest as it evolves into a complete track with stunning results.

Start Peacocking your music collection with his debut album ‘Future  Loops’ just dropped in April and see for yourself.

Check out THePetebox vids Below