Personal Portable Speaker
Jun 2014 17

The year is 1985, your name is Jeff Spicoli, and lugging around your gigantic double cassette boom box is your only option to allow everyone to enjoy your latest playlist. Times have changed and that portable device is now your smart phone which can be connected to a personal portable speaker. Perfect for Peacocking by the pool or beach.

These speakers are versatile too; small enough to fit into a backpack yet powerful enough for any localized lounging party to enjoy. You’re certainly not going to overwhelm people with this type of speaker but it is absolutely perfect when traveling to a remote locale. Many models now feature bluetooth for an added level of convenience. I bought my Memorex portable speaker for $14 and it’s worth every penny. Prices range from $10 to $100.

So give up the circa 1985 boom box that requires 16 D-cell batteries and weighs 35 pounds. Those days are over. The portable speaker – lightweight, affordable, and effective = Peacock.

Visit this website to get your Portable Speaker.

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