Preserve Your Classic Vinyl Records
Jun 2012 01

While there is certainly a growing resurgence in vinyl market, it’s always nice to have the ability to protect and preserve your albums by converting them to CDs! This is the combination recorder and stereo system that will allow you to do that.

It takes only three steps to faithfully transfer an LP or cassette to a digital audio CD-R or CD-R/RW, and at any time during recording you can pause to select only certain songs, turn the album or cassette over, and change albums or cassettes to make compilation recordings.

More than just a recorder, the system plays 33s, 45s, 78s, and cassettes through a 70mm full-range speaker, and has a built-in AM/FM stereo with digital tuner and single CD playback tray, all in a footprint less than 2′ sq. It’s an all-in-one analog to digital device!

We’d probably recommend upgrading the needle however to ensure high fidelity and transfer. You should be able to grab a quality cartridge at a site like

For more information on this vinyl converter, check out this site.