Car Repair Peacock Style
Sep 2012 28

Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are driving accidents happen and your car gets damaged. You have a choice to either leave the damage, repair it yourself, or get it repaired by a qualified professional. You’re busy, but the fact is having a beat up rundown car is NOT Peacock, we would all rather be ‘poppin’ bottles and partying with an HB9, but there are times when its necessary to have your ride repaired the right way – pronto.

In this post readers will get the 411 on some common issues that are found with the everyday use of their vehicle. We’ll also provide info on the best way to fix minor collision damage without getting your hands dirty.

Slave to the World vs. Peacocking in Style. Which one are YOU?

Even with about 70% of accidents that occur will leave vehicles in drivable conditions; this means it’ll look like shit but you can continue to drive it. After dealing with the stress after the accident you certainly don’t need more stress to have it repaired. Like I said your time is limited, and you would much rather be Peacocking all over the place without a care in the world!

Small collision repair can consist of:

  • Scratch repair: things like scratches around the door handles
  • Dent removal: shopping carts anyone?
  • Bumper repair: fender benders
  • Headlight restoration: expensive fogged out head lamps

Ok, so you’ve had an accident in your new BMW because you were too busy reading Everything Peacock on your iPhone, now its time to get it back into pristine Peacock condition. “How do I get rid of that ugly scratch on my car?” You ask. “Replace the car?” No. Most of these types of repairs can be finished in a single day. There are typically two types of scratches: Superficial scratches that are on the clear coat or base paint, and deep scratches that usually consist into the primer or even down to the metal of the vehicle – having either is a total DLV!

Most of these scratches can be removed in a tedious, boring, and time consuming fashion, but a place like Carsmetics has professionals that do all this work for you in one day, so you can get back to doing the things that really matter like livin life!

Visit the Carsmetics website and see for yourself.