Everything A Taxi Is Not – Uber
Dec 2013 31

You work hard and you play hard so starting the night off with a positive vibe is always Peacock. The last thing you want to deal with is an ornery cab driver that only speaks broken English and smells as though he hasn’t showered in a week. Introducing Uber, a luxury car service that picks you up and drops you off just like an ordinary cab but different in every other way. “How so?” You say. I’ll explain.

Uber App

Using the Uber App (no annoying phone call needed) on your iPhone or Droid you can have the Uber black Lincoln or Caddy (or SUV for parties up to 6) pick you up and safely deliver you to your destination. The Uber App will display the nearest drivers in map form and approximate time to arrival, once the ride is selected you receive a text on estimated arrival and another upon the actual arrival (at any point you also have the ability to call the driver). Just walk outside and the driver will immediately spring into action and have the door open awaiting your entry in the Uber ride – this is your ‘lifestyle upgrade.’

Everything is done on a superior level when compared to a typical cab service. To start the drivers are polite and professional – believe me, this is rare in the taxi service industry. Not only do they open doors for you, they are dressed professionally, which is a nice touch. Also, one of my biggest complaints is the offensive odor that many taxis exhibit, every Uber ride is flawless inside and out. Finally, all Uber drivers speak perfect English, it’s frustrating when a language barrier exists, especially when your entire night hinges on the driver understanding (or misunderstanding) your instructions! Who would have thought….

A few bonuses are the complimentary treats (on select Uber rides) and water for all passengers along with most popular phone chargers if needed. The drivers are always very accommodating and willing to go the extra mile for you and make any unscheduled stops. You can even re-route them if you know a faster way with absolutely no attitude at all – this is essential at sporting events or concerts if you know a quicker route than the driver.

Creepy Taxi Passenger vs. Ubering Your Way To The Top. Which one are you?

Once you reach your destination the driver will assist you exiting the Uber ride, no clumsy money exchange necessary either, just slide out of the comfy leather seats and off you go – in style Peacocking your night away. All transactions are taken from your credit card from an account you set up online. Driver tip included.

Afterwards the App has an optional “rate the driver” prompt that appears just to keep the quality control where it should be – feedback is what they want so as to eliminate any potential problems.

All of this for 10% to 50% more than a typical run-down cab depending on the time and distance of the ride based on our experiences so far. It’s definitely not cheap, but neither are iPhones. Choose your city from the menu for sample fare rates https://www.uber.com/cities/los-angeles#cities

So there you have it, you can cram you and your party into the back of a filthy, smelly cab or Uber your way to your destination in style and arrive feeling refreshed and ready to take on the night.

As a bonus click the link and use our promocode “ubereverythingpeacock” and receive $10 towards your first Uber ride – it pays to Peacock!

Travis Kalanick, the CEO and Cofounder of Uber: