Your Atlantic City VIP Treatment
Dec 2013 27

We all want to live like big shots and Peacock like there’s no tomorrow, especially when we’re in Atlantic City. George Clooney, Paris Hilton, Nicholas Cage, Kid Rock, Jay Z the list goes on, and all of them enjoy the VIP lifestyle when traveling to A.C.

Poppin’ Bottles Peacock Style

Sure poppin’ bottles, bypassing the long nightclub lines, and having exclusive access are all the things we expect when we’re flying in our G6 to party around the globe. The only way to do this is either be a huge star, or you can simply hire a VIP host. Maybe option number one isn’t there at the moment, but the second is. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? No? Then I’ll tell you more…

I’ve written about VIP hosting in Vegas, and just like before it’s important that you’re selective because there are plenty of party planners and VIP hosts in just about every resort area, but you’re going to need one with experience and a personal touch, a host that can customize the night for YOU – and not treat you like a number. This applies to inexperienced newbies to discerning veterans alike. There’s a myriad of choices for nightlife in A.C. and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and wind up wasting your valuable time and money – this is where a great VIP host can make you own the night.

Bouncers keeping you out VS. Poppin' bottles in the VIP. Which are you?

Bouncers keeping you out VS. Poppin’ bottles in the VIP. Which are you?

Enter After Hours Promotions, founded roughly 6 years ago by entrepreneur Arthur Carr, his company specializes in taking care of YOU. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, private hosting, VIP parties, corporate parties, wedding parties, limo service, and entry into the most exclusive clubs A.C. has to offer – Arthur has a pipeline into everything A.C. at NO extra cost to you. Over the years he has created a built-in relationship with the VIP Service Managers, Owners, and General Managers for priority access and service that he uses to custom design your VIP night out – this is his key to success – to have every expectation either met or exceeded.

The following testimonial typifies what VIP hosting should be:

“I am delighted to recommend Arthur Carr, After Hours Promotions, whom I have used on several occasions to assist my friends and family with the utmost professionalism in providing us with nightlife entertainment.  Arthur Carr’s caring demeanor made it easy to collaborate different ideas and night life packages to fit our intended desires.  Every occasion celebrated with After Hours Promotions surpassed our expectations.   I unquestionably recommend After Hours Promotions to nightlife consumers.

Stefanie Morgan”

You have two options when you travel to Atlantic City, you can sweat it out in general population with long lines, subpar service, and no place to sit. Or you can elevate your level of entertainment and Peacock your way to the top.

Visit After Hour Promotions with Arthur Carr for your next Atlantic City Trip. Arthur continues to dominate the A.C. scene for a reason – he knows the town like no other and provides custom tailored nights specifically for his clientele. They are the most consistent and professional VIP service in town. I’ve done it, now you can too.