Are You Tough Enough?
Mar 2014 22

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years you already know what a Tough Mudder is – just to be sure I’ll give you the 411. Tough Mudder is an endurance event in which teams seek to complete 10-12 mile long muddy obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces – this is not your father’s triathlon. These courses are intense and will test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie in more ways than one.

Tough Mudder - Walk the Plank Obstacle

Tough Mudder – Walk the Plank Obstacle

The first ever Tough Mudder was in 2010, located at Bear Creek Ski Resort, Pennsylvania. Creators Will Dean and Guy Livingstone had hoped for 500 participants that weekend, but ultimately sold more than 4,500 tickets to the event while also raising more than $200,000 for their official charity partner, the Wounded Warrior Project.

Everything Peacock is proud to have fielded a 7 person team for the following 2011 season which had a total of 14 events in the U.S. See how we prepared for our first ever event on our original Tough Mudder Post. From that day forward 35 events were conducted around the world in 2012, and 53 are planned for 2014 over three continents! Over one million people worldwide participated in a Tough Mudder event in so far. Without a doubt this is a Peacock worthy event that continues to grow in popularity year in and year out.

Tip! Get together with your team and map out a planning regimen, or contact your local gym as many of them are now recognizing the popularity of Tough Mudder and are custom tailoring workout classes for Mudder participants.

Test your steel and find a Tough Mudder location near you as there are a myriad of courses set up all across the globe.

Many members of our team demand a gym that provides as many options to increase our strength and stamina for these events. Time and time again our gym, City Fitness, has come through to provide us with a quality venue that prepares us for not only Mudders, but also for maintaining our everyday fitness requirements. Voted Best Philly Gym three years running for a reason – it’s a complete training facility with a friendly & accommodating staff.

See shots from last year’s Mudder with Team EVP