The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide
Jan 2014 11

Peacocking your way to the top of the career ladder is no easy task. You’ve worked diligently and positioned yourself for success in the modern board room, this is your chance to step it up to the next level in your career. Introducing the The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide; for many of us our style seldom stretches as far as our workplace and a lot of us are guilty of wearing bland clothing to our jobs – this is not acceptable.

DO vs. Don't. Which are you?

DO vs. Don’t. Which are you?

We get it, nobody wants to look too extravagant and stand out like a sore thumb in their place of work. That said, there is certainly a line and numerous ways that you can dress in a stylish manner and there are plenty of fashionable work clothes out there. Essentially, you want to look polished and chic and not like a fashion victim.

Your clothing says a lot about who you are and in a work environment where people make rash decisions, you need to look superb. So, here are some guidelines on how to choose fashionable and suitable clothes.


This is very important for the professional image. Traditionally red is seen as aggressive and go getting, navy is trustworthy and black is chic. It all depends on how you wish to portray yourself. These colors will work well in pant suits, as well as in skirts and shoes. Lilac and ivory are also suitable for the work place, though bright colors and wild prints are not.


When choosing accessories you need to look demure and jewellery is a main concern. Try and avoid jewellery that dangles and jangles as this is a distraction. In the work place studded earings are usually ideal.

Handbags should be structured and not slouched as this can often give off the wrong impression from you. There are plenty of attractive strong bags for 2014 currently, so take a pick.

The Details

Of course, it’s the little things that get you noticed. Looking impeccable and chic is always a winner and this can be down to things like how well nails are kept, how clean your new shoes are and how neat your hair is.
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The Fit

Clothing in all walks of life should depend on the fit and you require this to be at its best, the work place is no exception. Ensure that your pants are fitted well and there is no panty line. Also, if you are wearing a pencil skirt, ensure that it allows enough room to sit down comfortably. If you decide on a blouse, ensure that it doesn’t appear through the button holes of your jacket. Wrinkled or baggy clothing will cause significant problems if trying to climb the career ladder, as well sexy miniskirts and spaghetti straps – after all you want to be remembered for your work not anything else.

Designer Labels

One of the things many women make the mistake of doing in the workplace, is bringing in large designer clad bags. Demure is always better, so try and avoid overt logos on work wear as it comes across as flash. Choose well-made items that are free from large labels.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being fashionable at work, just do it in a classy way while Peacocking your way to the top of the career ladder. Essentially, a well-kept, classic and well-fitting look never dies in the work place, so stick by the aforementioned advice a see the results for yourself.

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