No More Cracked Screens
May 2014 02

Let’s face it, spending a few hundred dollars on a new iPhone or any other mobile device only to immediately have the screen cracked or scratched is never a great feeling. You have a choice, you can either stay away from the Jägermeister on the weekends or just get yourself a Zagg invisibleShield – I choose Zagg.

This is much more than a cheap piece of film to protect from just scratches, this is a transparent ultra-tough military grade film that uses ‘Nano Memory Technology’ – this means it has self-healing properties that help retain its integrity. Take a look at the video and you’ll see it can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

You’ve spent the money for your smart phone, it’s subject to lot of abuse, treat it right and protect it Peacock style. Available for basically any device out there, and comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Visit this site and get your Zagg invisibleShield.

Zagg Demo

Zagg Nano Technology