Men’s Modern Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts
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Sure a lot of guys think wearing any jewelry at all can be excessive because it takes them outside of their comfort zone. Men and women each have their own set of rules when it comes to jewelry, for better or worse it sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made, and our status in society.

Liberace is NOT Peacock

Liberace is NOT Peacock

Just like women, these rules for men are also very important shouldn’t be done hastily. Part of Peacocking is understanding these different rules which can help elevate your personal style and increase your confidence. The last thing we want you to do is wind up looking like a coked up 70’s porn star or even worse – Liberace. Wondering what these rules are? If so, better read along and discover the do’s and don’ts.

Don’t be intimidated by all your preconceived notions. Just because you see other people wearing jewelry with a lot of overly flamboyant bling doesn’t mean you have to wear that style precisely. There’s a wide variety to choose from that doesn’t fall into this category.

Do choose jewelry that is your type. Just like women, you should also know how to pair the accessories to your attire. If you’re clean cut and professional gold rings and chic cuff links can speak volumes. Conversely is you’re laid back yet still fashionable you can pull off a bracelet or necklace that gives off a subtle vibe. It’s always advisable to buy something that can be paired to the various clothes in your closet to match your persona.

Don’t forget about the details. In the world of fashion, every small detail counts. Two examples are cuff-links and watches. Wearing a cuff link can do wonders on your overall attire. A classy watch on the other hand can indeed make a statement on every social situation. So whether, it’s a typical work day or a special occasion, be sure to pay extra attention to these tiny details.
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Do talk to a trusted jeweler. There is no substitute for experience and professional knowledge. It’s always a good idea to get a brief education from a pro to see any new and traditional jewelry styles up close and personal. Any questions you have lingering in your mind can be handled by them which will increase your confidence in making any final decision. You don’t necessarily have to purchase jewelry from them, but do your research and ask questions to get familiar with your options.

Don’t get too matchy matchy – it can look too try hard and predictable. It used to be taboo to mix gold and silver but there’s no need to be too conservative: as long as it’s all the same style, it’ll look good.

Do add color, because a man’s attire is usually coat and tie, adding color through accessories is a great option. Purchase a good set of neckties on various colors. You should also go for rings with a dash of color such as a silver ring with a gemstone. While watches can remain on a silver or leather, dealing with cufflinks is a whole new story. You may also use your suit coat hankie as a color source so that you won’t appear too boring in plain black and white.

Don’t go for the latest fad every time, instead consider an item that is a timeless classic that can you can mix into your wardrobe.
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Men and women may not be equal when it comes to fashion. However it cannot be denied that men also have to be creative when it comes to what they wear. They have a different set of jewelries, and with these tips Peacocking just became a little easier.

Suzzane Edwards is a fashion blogger who loves to write about jewelry. For more information please visit this link.

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