Accessorize When You Stylize
Mar 2013 22

When the time comes to go out and have fun, you may worry that your outfit is not Peacock. You may believe that you have nothing to wear to make you stand out. Never fear, the situation is not hopeless, you’ve come the right place! The key is choosing an ordinary outfit and making it chic with just the right accessories. The information below will help you make smart and fashionable decisions that can be applied to other areas of your wardrobe.

1. Add a Pair of Shoes

When you wish to add some personality to any outfit – it’s always a good idea to think about shoes. Shoes come in many sizes and colors, your choices are limitless! No matter how large or small your foot may be, you can find shoes that work. When it comes to adding fun to an outfit, you may wish to choose shoes that are creative and playful. For example, you may wish to wear shoes that feature animal prints or are brightly colored.

2. Look for Unique Jewelry

Personally, some days I’m more comfortable in jeans with a plain shirt; this does not have to mean that I must appear unfashionable. The right jewelry adds a punch to any outfit I put on. Some days I may choose a necklace in a bright color with a wild shape. Or I will choose a pair of earrings or bracelets that showcase my personality or mood. Silver or gold jewelry is always excellent for my favorite black dresses. However, it is necessary to exercise restraint with accessories. If you choose to wear several bracelets, it may be possible to ruin an outfit. People may be distracted, and they may be unable to appreciate the overall look of the outfit you are wearing.

3. Add Sequins of Any Size or Color

Another excellent way to dress up an outfit is to add sparkle! It’s not unusual for me to choose to wear a sequin dress when I’m dressing for a night out at a club or restaurant. However, a sequin is not for everyone. If you don’t care for too many sequins on a dress, you may want to look for accessories that feature sequins to add the same feel. A clutch purse is a good alternative. It may be possible to purchase shoes with sequins. Sequins allow me to feel special and sparkle.

4. Wear a Stylish Belt

Though some people do not like belts, this is an accessory to keep in mind, and a must have for many of my outfits. I usually chose to wear a belt in a funky color, but you may decide to stay more reserved. Belts allow an otherwise basic outfit to stand out from the crowd.

5. Find the Right Handbag

It isn’t always what you wear that help you stand out; sometimes it’s about what you bring to the table. Another option when I don’t feel like trying something overly bold is to go bold with a funky handbag. The right handbag can take basic jeans and t-shirt and add the perfect spunk. A little black dress can be jazzed up with a bright red style. A bright outfit can be subdued with a black clutch. The mix and match options are endless!

6. Add a Scarf

To be honest, I’m not much of a scarf wearer but love the way they look on others! You can find scarves in many colors, styles, and the various ways to wear them change an outfit instantly. A scarf is a great way to dress up a winter jacket or stay warm without having to pile on the layers. Scarves are not only practical, they are also fashionable.

When you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone it doesn’t have to spell disaster. As you can see it’s and easy and fun way to add a touch of flair that shows off your inner Peacock!

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