The Peacock Hot Shoe Styling Guide
Apr 2013 03

Fashion experts know that shoes make the outfit. The right pair of high heels become the focal point of any outfit, they make a statement and can be a discussion starter. Every year new shoes hit the runway and celebrities usually start the shoe fashion trends. However, by the time we see a celebrity wearing a hot new heel, that shoe has already been in for a while.

How can you keep pace with Hollywood fashion footwear without having to subscribe to every magazine and gossip website? Women are too busy working and having a life to walk through large department stores and look at every shoe in person, so online shoe stores can be a modern day woman’s new BFF!

The Peacock Hot Shoe Styling Guide For 2013:

Color and Detail: Shoes don’t need to be outrageous to get attention and to be considered high fashion. Often combining just one or two elements such as color and detail is plenty. And with Spring finally here color couldn’t come at a better time!

The Classics: Know that some patterns never go out of style. Classics include any type of animal print whether it is snake, zebra, giraffe, or leopard. Other great patterns are polka dots, plaid, floral, and houndstooth.

Respect the season. Wide heeled platforms don’t belong in January. But stilettos are year round. You also want to consider whether the shoe is open or close toed. Open toed shoes may not be comfortable in the snowy and rainy seasons.

Find versatile shoes. Ones that dress up the office, but can segue into happy hour. You may want to consider fashionable flats or a lower heel since you will be in them all day.

One word. Black. You can’t go wrong with black shoes. They go with just about everything and can be used all year long. It is definitely a staple in your wardrobe.

Less can be more: The shoe doesn’t need to have glow in the dark glow sticks to stand out. It’s all about the details. Just a small accent can really make the shoe.

Show Your Wild Side: Find at least one occasion this year to go a little…. crazy. Find a one of a kind shoe that steals the spotlight. Whether its artsy or dramatic, this outrageous shoe can definitely make your look original and unique.

Most women know that a good heel is imperative to a fashionable wardrobe. Heels are what can make business casual fun, your body line sexy and to get noticed by both men and women. Shoes have as much impact on a person’s wardrobe as eyes do to a person’s face.

It can be easy to neglect our shoe collection, because it can become a habit for our shoes to become an afterthought – something we just slip on our feet on our way out the door. But carefully selecting a few right pairs of shoes that follow the current fashion rules can help make your everyday outfits pop and make you look like the style guru that you are.

2013 is a new year, new beginnings, new fashions, and new ways to Peacock – so shoes are no exception. Be the style leader among your friends and the person who people go to when they want to find hot shoes!

Melissa Schraiber writes for, and has provided a wide range of articles on shoes and other fashion tips across the web.

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