The Suunto Ambit Watch
Feb 2014 05

Do you ever think you have what it takes to be the next action sports star à la Shaun White?  Want to see your name up on the big screen? Want to travel the world and date someone famous and party like a rock star? Sure you do! One thing you’ll need on your way to the top is a way to monitor your progress and look good doing it. That includes a watch that can handle any situation; enter the Ambit Watch from Suunto.

Certainly you’re going to get into a lot of extreme and compromising situations by practicing the front double cork 10; the switch-back 900; the double-back rodeo; the cab double cork 10; and the double McTwist along the way and that will require commitment and the right equipment.

Chillaxin vs. Peacock’n Your Way to The Top. Which one are YOU?

Whether it’s winning the gold for your country or tearing up the slopes on your time off, knowing your exact speed and elevation all from one tiny self-contained unit is Peacock. This watch has advanced training functions like speed, real-time heart rate, laps, hr limits, and more. Is it tough? Tough enough for you to take a hit and keep from freezing block of ice and still keep working. Is it water resistant? Up to 100 meters so when you’re underwater meeting new friends – water resistance is the least of your worries.

You’ll never get lost in the mountains hiking or shredding the backcountry of Summit County, Colorado. This watch can track weather conditions in amazing detail, including a barometer with storm alerts, temperature down to 1° of accuracy, and even graph historical weather trends. There’s a GPS which features a 3D compass with digital bearing information and waypoint navigation. All software is upgradable.

Oh yeah, it’s also great for keeping time also. Some have a full calendar, dual time zone support, alarm clock and can figure out sunrise/sunset times too. It’s all presented on a wicked high-tech liquid crystal display with electroluminescent backlighting.

Do you feel better now about tackling Everest or qualifying for the next Winter X Games or Olympics? The fact is whether you’re a runner, hiker, snowboarder, skier, biker or you enjoy just about any other sport that requires speed, endurance, or navigation this watch exceeds expectations by tracking all your activity. I do, and I own a Suunto.

Visit this site to pick your own Suunto Ambit Watch.