Portable Solar Charger Travel Companion
Jun 2014 16

Batteries are great, until they need to be recharged. Sometimes when traveling there’s no way for you to just ‘plug-in,’ which is why a portable charger is a perfect Peacock solution. One of the more convenient ways to charge your battery while out and about is with a Solar Powered Charger. These work especially well in outdoor environments when a car adapter is not an option.

A Portable Solar Charger can be applied to multiple applications; take it to the beach with you, having your iPod die on you while entertaining a group of friends is no way to go through life. Maybe you’re going camping, and when you that need vital information your battery is ready to go.

No doubt, it’s always good to have a fully charged device not only for entertainment purposes, but especially in an emergency situation. Functional, simplistic, and portable – stay prepared, your batteries will love you.

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