Cell Phone Signal Booster
Dec 2013 10

Cell phones are a great modern convenience, unfortunately there are spotty areas for coverage depending on your location and your service provider. The last thing you need is a dropped call when you’ve got an HB9 on the other end. AT&T is especially bad for me when compared to Verizon Wireless, it just so happens they provided a minimum signal for both my home and work. Before I upgraded to Verizon I tried a Cell Phone Signal Booster and it improved my signal strength from 1 bar to 5 bars immediately.

girl on phone

No more dropped calls

I bought the zBoost Daul Band Booster which gives you 2,500 square feet of prime signal coverage. There are more expensive models out there, which we have listed in the gallery below. Just be sure to find the right one for your application.

Installation is a snap, just find the spot where you have the strongest signal, even if it’s only one bar. Attach the external antenna to your chosen mounting spot using the included screws & hardware. Run the included coax cable from the external antenna to the base booster box. Place the box in a central location where you most need improved cellphone reception. Plug in the base booster box. Done. Visit this site to get your Cell Phone Signal Booster.
Start Peacocking your Booster today priced $100 t0 $400