Your Fitness Fashion Upgrade: Peacock Style
Jul 2013 03

So, there you are getting ready for an intense workout….and after pushing yourself to the limit there still feels like something is missing. Part of Peacocking is feeling and looking great – simply put, your clothing is often a reflection who you are on the inside. Looking great stems from feeling great……which all starts with self-confidence.

It’s about being in the proper mindset by looking the part, try upgrading your gym attire before you hit it hard again. Trust me, you will feel better and have a more positive workout all around if you go into it feeling good about yourself.

Ladies, be sure not to look sloppy by wearing clean, fun, form fitting attire that matches. There’s nothing worse than baggy, dirty sweats or tee shirts that flop around during your workout. Turning heads while hitting the gym this year in stylish active-wear is absolutely Peacocking!
Start Peacocking your Fitness Fashion today priced $20 to $250

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