Own A Bar? Vacation More With Guestflo
Jul 2013 30

Club owners, General Managers, Event Planners, VIP Hosts, all work the nightlife lifestyle, for better or worse. The successful ones always seem to stay one step ahead of the competition and get to vacation like rock stars; surely working hard is a part of the equation. In this high octane industry competitors are always looking to gain an edge, introducing Guestflo, a slice of technology that can elevate your perception of what you currently call work.

Let’s face it; being more efficient without decreasing productivity is a key element in Peacocking your way to the top. You’d much rather spend your time drinking champagne with a few HB9’s and not having to run cases of it around all night, wouldn’t you? Sometimes being a little selfish has its perks, increase your own quality of life along with the experience of everyone that enters your club.

Guestflo is the only nightclub management software designed by actual industry people – these are not tech nerds with no concept of how a nightclub operates. Guestflo goes far beyond this – 3 years in the making, it was built with experience.

Working like a dog vs. Peacockin' at Yacht Week. Which are you?

Working like a dog vs. Peacockin’ at Yacht Week. Which are you?

Peacocking is more than just your fashion and health needs, it’s also about making the best possible life choices, and that includes your work. If you’re into making more money and spending less time doing it, consider these features:

  • Guestflo is completely customizable for each venue, so it’s not just a one size fits all. No doubt, that every club has its own unique needs and this software is no exception.
  • It captures table reservations, VIP bottlelist, packages all with real time reporting.
  • It handles all emails, guestlists, last minute requests all completed with no paperwork. At any given time the correct personnel has access to desired information.
  • Follow all of that up with complete analytics (track guest profiles and habits) it’s an extremely efficient and powerful software package that puts you in complete control without having to sweat the little stuff.

As their tagline says “Work smarter not harder, get Guestflo” indeed fellas, indeed. Visit this site to learn more about Guestflo.

Robert Boka is the Founder and President of Guestflo and is the coder and system developer, in partnership with Vice-President Arthur Carr they have already taken hold of the east coast and have been expanding into the west coast territory.

Bar Owners: Work less, Party more