The ‘Flyboard’ Is Here, Superheros Needed
Aug 2013 14

Ever wanted to fly like Tony Stark when he transforms into Ironman? Sure you do, and now you can do it in style. Introducing the Flyboard; this is an ingenious device that connects up to your jetski and allows you to ‘fly’ up to 40 feet in the air!

The Flyboard is basically a snowboard with jets underneath that blast you up-up and away into the air. The uniquely designed board allows you to perform dynamic aerial maneuvers and extreme underwater dolphin like dives. No doubt when you show up this summer with your Flyboard people will be clamoring to get a glimpse of this innovative aerial assault.

Prices start at $6,100, a small price to pay to Peacock to new levels this summer. You’ll also be required to take a 3 to 4 hour Operator Training Course ($350). Typically, students are flying during the first 5 minutes, and within 20 they have the basic controls down.

Elevate your fun to new levels this summer and become your inner Tony Stark, minus the billion dollars. Visit this site to get your Flyboard.
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