Bleu De Chanel Cologne
Dec 2013 20

A staple for any Peacocks cologne collection should be Bleu De Chanel. I have yet to come across anyone that doesn’t love this versatile scent from the Chanel brand. Add a bottle to your rotation and let this modern scent enhance your style to new levels.

Released in 2010 this aquatic scent is a stunning creation that personifies what the Chanel house is all about – form follows function. Smell great at work or play this scent is clean, modern, inoffensive, and sophisticated – perfect for use year-round. Longevity is above average, and the projection is very good – at least 5 hours.

Fragrance notes include: pink peppercorn, citrus, peppermint, nutmeg, vetiver, grapefruit, cedar, labdanum, jasmine, incense, patchouli, ginger, and sandalwood.

Start Peacocking your Bleu De Chanel today priced $100 Buy It