1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne
May 2014 12

Guys, we already know the nightlife scene is a very competitive high-octane environment and going out the door smelling like Irish Spring or Drakkar Noir is not Peacock. You need a signature scent for night-time use that enhances your game….welcome to the next level of couture fashion with the wildly successful 1 Million Cologne from famed Spanish fashion designer Paco Rabanne – the perfect weapon.

1 Million is a powerful, youthful, robust fragrance that starts off bold as spicy-bubblegum with cinnamon sprinkled on top and a touch of sugar and mint, then, ends with a vanilla leathery flavor dry down – this is a masterpiece when attracting the opposite sex. You’ve been warned – don’t wear it if you don’t want attention. Its projection is excellent with good longevity; you’ll see that the results speak for themselves. Careful when applying it, it can be especially cloying if overdone.

Fragrance notes include grapefruit, mint, blood orange, rose, cinnamon, spice notes, blond leather, white woods, amber, patchouli.
Start Peacocking your 1 Million today priced $60 to $80 Buy It