Self Defense With Style: The Taser C2
May 2013 09

Self defense is something we should all be concerned with, but not obsess on. After all Peacocking is living your life by making the most of it. Enter the Taser C2, powerful enough to completely stop an attacker from up to 15 feet away, yet small enough to easily fit into a purse. This is the perfect combination of style and security.

Taser C2

Peacock Protection with the Taser C2

Studies show that 80% of potentially violent situations are de-escalated without physical force when aggressive persons are confronted with the laser sight from a Taser C2 lets you. Yea, if I’m a criminal I’m pretty sure if there’s a laser site taking aim on my ass I’m thinking twice – criminals typically go to the path of least resistance, and will move on.

By comparison pepper spray is only effective within 3 to 6 feet, stun guns require direct contact with an attacker’s body to be effective. The Taser C2 puts more distance between you and a dangerous situation, keeping you safe and in control when you need it most.

Available in multiple colors too, so you can protect and Peacock without missing a beat. Visit this site to get your own Taser C2.
Start Peacocking your Taser Style today priced at $400

Taser C2 vs. Cage Fighter

Taser C2 vs Army Ranger