Identity Theft Protection, The Stainless Steel Wallet
Dec 2010 22

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime is the U.S., in 1998 it became a federal offense. There are over nine million victims and rising each year that could have potentially protected themselves. One precaution you can take to protect yourself from this crime is add the first layer of protection. What do I mean? Get a Stewart Strand Stainless Steel Wallet that protects your identity by passively resisting radio-frequency hacking–the latest identity theft technique that attempts to scan newer credit cards. 

Identity Theft Card Scan

Identity Theft Card Scan

You’re busy Peacocking all over the globe living life to its fullest, the last thing you need is to find out all your accounts have been hacked and your credit is in the toilet because someone gained access through your personal cards. You don’t want to find out that someone has taken an all expense paid trip to Costa Rica on your dime – protect yourself!

The wallet is woven using 25,000 flexible stainless-steel threads that are three times thinner than a piece of paper, at 0.001 inches. This makes it versatile, its profile is so thin that it can fit into a front pocket. This is the only stainless wallet with a feel as smooth as silk and strength that surpasses leather – style and protection all rolled into one.

Resistant to corrosive materials such as salts, acids, and seawater, the tightly woven steel. Impervious to stretching or staining and without sharp corners or the inherent bulk of other wallets, the stainless steel is the same metal fabric found in the architecture, aerospace, and automotive industries, no doubt it will be around long after your long gone. Visit this site to get your own Stewart Strand Stainless Steel Wallet.