The Yacht Week – Croatia Style
Feb 2014 24

Who doesn’t like boats, parties, endless cocktails, fun in the sun, miles of crystal clear water, and champagne showers while Peacockin’ out of your mind? The Yacht Week – Croatia South Route is located in the stunning Adriatic Sea and is the original and possibly the most dynamic fun filled travel event that you need to experience before you die – the clock is now ticking…

Get Excited!

The Yacht Week (TYW) is a flotilla of sailboats filled with partiers that can range up to 50 yachts, which visit four Croatian islands in seven days. Your days will be spent eating, drinking, dancing, partying, sailing or sleeping – in no particular order. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, people come from all walks of life and countries from around the world to experience this event. Everyone is there to enjoy the event and make new friends so being social is the name of the game. Peacocking is about traveling and meeting new people to enhance your life to the highest level and you will discover immediately that The Yacht Week personifies this!

Note: Every yacht is held to a strict 50/50 boy-girl ratio, with higher female proportions favored – this is no sausage fest fellas. In fact, the more girls you bring the less you pay. Also, the minimum age is 20 and the average age is 25.

The Croatia South Route is one of the most popular ticketed events in the world so accept no imitations if you want the best. In fact, the second the bookings open up on December 1st most boats are booked up within a few hours! The route runs every summer from July to August so spaces are limited.

Peacock your Yacht Week!

The Voyage

The Croatian South Route runs from two locations – Marina Kaštela Marina and Split Marina. Because the routes are so popular the authorities have established two routes, the “Red Route” and the “Black Route”, both routes visit the same southern locations but on different days to accommodate the mass of yachts. The longest period of time you sail for is roughly 4 hours, so you’ll get a good mix of land and sea. Routes begin on Saturday and combine on Wednesday in Hvar which is for the after beach party. From there you visit the remaining locations on separate days. It really doesn’t matter which route you choose. The only difference is the departure harbor, which won’t be determined at the time of booking.

The Route Rundown (Days & Nights)

Your next 7 days are spent sailing, exploring new places (i.e. caves and cliffs diving), relaxing and of course partying. The nights will be an absolute all-out overload on your senses. For half a second you may even think about your poor friends and what they’re up to back home. Suckers. We’ve highlighted your stops along with the day and night activities:

Split: The country’s oldest city your journey begins here. Stock up on supplies, finalize your paperwork and begin making friends! You’re in for a trip of a lifetime!

This is The Yacht Week - Mount Up!

This is The Yacht Week – Mount Up!

Vis on Vis Island (Fortress Party): During the day you can relax, swim, explore the town and pick up fresh food, or if you like, devour local cuisine such as a delicious octopus or lobster dinner. Be sure to hit the restaurants here. At night prepare to attend the electronica dance party in the 200 year old Fort Saint George featuring a 2:00am DJ bottle pop countdown champagne shower. Sailing Tip: Visit the old cold war Submarine Tunnel hideout. It’s a great opportunity to jump off a 60’ ledge.

Komiza on Vis Island: Small untouched fishing village filled with TYW boats. If you’re looking to go low-key and recover for a few hours there’s plenty of shopping and restaurants in town. A party at the open air Aquarius Beach Club ensues with a dance floor only 15 feet from the water. Sailing Tip: TYW is Peacock, especially when you’re getting towed behind the boat while holding onto a rope 2 or more people at a time. Now have the skipper drive the boat full speed and see who can hold on the longest.

Natural Bay: An area where depending on the wind conditions you can sail around to various smaller bays like Scedro, Palmmizana Bay or Livka Bay. In yacht week tradition all yachts are tied up together, so be prepared for late night parties.

Hvar: Dubbed the St. Tropez of Croatia, it’s the most famous place along the Croatian coast. Plenty of high end shopping, boutiques, bars, and café’s. Arrive early to get a good mooring spot. Explore the Blue Caves (Blue Grotto) and see one of the most surreal and beautiful sites you’ll ever encounter. There’s also the’ high Green Caves cliffs that you can jump off. Jump down straight feet first style and you’ll be fine. Sailing Tip: Mast-sling – You hang on to a rope which is attached to the boat mast and your skipper makes a sharp turn, jump off the boat and enjoy the ride. Make sure you release the rope before you crash into the yacht.

  • Go on a booz cruise pirate ship with 200 other yacht weekers on your way to the Carp Diem Club for the day and evening party that can last over 12 hours! It features 2 pools, barbeque and a dance floor that overlooks the ocean and sunset. Explore Kiva Bar, take a shot in an old WWII helmet and the bartender will bang the crap out of the helmet until you can barely stand – you gotta love TYW!
The Yacht Week Regatta Style

The Yacht Week Regatta Style

Sesula on Solta Island: One of the most popular spots on the tour, the ‘On The Rocks’ party at Sismis Cocktail Bar. All the yachts are lined up and anchored along the bay. Socialize and mingle with all the other crews, it’s almost over!

Regatta and Regatta Party in Split: Get your fancy dress on! Friday is a highlight and your final day so make it count! There are over 50 yachts that participate in the regatta which looks like a water-borne disco rather than a race. The regatta is an epic ocean event where the winners are chosen based on sailing time, atmosphere on board, and the fancy costumes and decorations. The huge after-party at Vanilla Club is even better. The night culminates with dancing, fireworks, and saying goodbyes to all the amazing people you’ve met and vowing this phenomenal experience will happen again.

Choose a Boat

Go BIG when you choose your boat, the bigger the better and more luxurious it’ll be, this is especially important to girls. The bigger 50’+ yachts sleep the same amount of people (max 10 people) as the smaller ones but offer more free space. You’ll be thankful for the extra bathroom and space a larger boat provides – also they’re more stable over the rougher conditions, losing your lunch is never a great option. Or another option is the brand new Special Edition Fleet (max 10 people), these boats are faster and more fun to sail, come loaded with high quality sound systems, special drink holders, fridge, night lighting for late night parties.

  • Go Skipper Style: You have a choice to not have a skipper, don’t be a hero, enjoy the trip and leave the navigation to the experts even if you know someone that is qaulified. You may lose a spot, but having that experienced skipper on board is invaluable. You get the most out of your trip this way, as many will attest they know what’s going on and their knowledge of the local hot spots is totally worth their fee. Just be sure to factor in your skipper an extra head to count when doing your food and booze shopping for the boat – a well-fed skipper is a happy skipper.


Yes, if you want to increase your fun by a factor of 2.0 definitely bring some of these recommended items, much of them can be purchased in the massive mall in Split:

Flags: National pride is very important so hoist your countries flag up on your yacht. Also create a homemade more identifiable flag to enhance your yacht even more, plus it’s a great conversation starter!

Get Your Costumes Ready!

Get Your Costumes Ready!

Costume/Fancy Clothes for the Regatta: You will see people dressed in the wildest costumes; banana, Burger King, animal suits, super hero costumes, devil, whatever to can imagine – go big!

Flamgongo: A bong shaped like a flamingo is the definitive crowd pleaser. DO NOT leave home without one or two!

Floating Bar: Complete with floating chairs, inflatable palm tree and monkey you can’t go wrong.

Noodles/Floaties: makes floating with a drink much easier and enjoyable.

Blow Up Doll and/or Inflatable Animals: Enough said.

Super-Soakers: Always a crowd pleaser, perfect for your high sea battles you’re sure to encounter.

Glow in the dark washable Body Paint: Before you go out for the night walk the docks alerting people “Paint Party at 10:00”, tons of partiers will show to be painted and join in the fun.

Glow Sticks, Headbands, etc: Yep, anything that glows are a sure fire way to meet fellow yacht weekers.

Battery Powered LED Xmas Lights: Weave them around the railings and bottom part of the main sail. Two reasons: it completely Peacocks your boat and it’s easier to recognize on those late drunken stoopers or water taxi rides back from the bars. Other boats will use yours as a marker to help locate their own boat. Also, when it’s late and the marinas make everyone turn off their music, you’ll still have your lights on and you will be the clear choice for the late night party boat. If you don’t want the attention, just turn’em off.

Ultra Europe Pool Party in Hvar, Croatia during The Yacht Week


Lights. Camera. Action: You’ll want to document at least some of these incredible moments and you’re going to spend a lot of time getting wet (champagne, beer, seawater) and you’ll want memories. GoPro cameras with a floating hand pole are hugely popular and super durable, they are the perfect choice for TYW. Whatever camera you decide to bring make sure it’s waterproof, shockproof, sandproof and has a lanyard. Ideally, it’s always best to get a friend that not only loves to party but also has a knack for videos and/or cameras – in the end they’ll do a better job and enjoy it more.

Playlist: Playing your favorite tunes on your boat is an essential part of The Yacht Week. You’ll want to have the best party music on hand and ready to go. So bring extra iPod and AUX cord adapters just in case you need it. Also, burn some CD’s as a back-up plan. External speakers aren’t allowed so you’ll have to use the boat’s internal speaker system. This combined with great lighting and alcohol will make your boat irresistible to any yacht weeker.

Yacht Week FAQ Page

Now you’re wondering if you can make this happen & what the costs are? Click these links to find out more; The Yacht Week FAQ Page & What to pack? If you’re a few crew members short of filling a boat, try TYW Facebook Page, there’s always plenty of people looking to complete or jump in on a yacht.

There’s no doubt that The Yacht Week Croatia is one of the all-time must-do events. Start planning early, get your crew together and be prepared to Peacock out of your minds like never before. Bunk the trend of the typical vacation and GO BIG! Go ‘The Yacht Week – Croatia Style’!

Ultra Europe is back to Croatia again for weeks 28 & 29