Snowboard Goggles: Ingenuity Meets Style. Vision Redefined.
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Hit the slopes in style with our top goggles. Not only will these goggles help you with navigating the woods, they will help you Peacock while on the slopes. You will feel good wearing these and you will look fly. Since the Everything Peacock team consists of some pretty insane snowboarders, we’ve had a chance to rock some of these lenses.

Electric EG Goggles

Electric EG Goggles

Some of these are polarized, some are photochromic, all are fabulous. These lenses help you see the bumps and undulations that are hidden by shadows that send you in to a superman dive when you least expect it.  Quality goggles will help eliminate those mishaps.

I am a huge fan of the Electric EG2 goggles. The style is slicker than any other brand. Though, the Zeal’s HD Camera goggles are so dope that recording your air in HD video is another innovation that further enhances your riding experience. Also, if you do a lot of riding in the winter and deal with some extreme conditions, you know how important anti-fog goggles truly are – all of our selections excel in this often problematic area. You don’t want to ‘Sonny Bono‘ yourself in to a tree because you were blinded by a fogged up lens.

See the highlights for our top picks and the gallery below:

  • Smith I/OX Turbo Fan: Silent two speed anti-fog fan, 5X anti-fog inner lens, quick release lens system
  • Oakley Canopy: Maximum peripheral vision, compatible with glasses, and helmet. UV protection of Plutonite lens material that filters out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC
  • Zeal HD Camera: Integrated 1080p camera and 8-megapixel still camera, in goggle view finder, rechargeable 6 hour battery, impact resistant frame, compatible with glasses, crystal clear optics made of top-shelf materials
  • Electric EG2: Obscene style as usual, perfect for large heads, super anti-fog and anti-reflection produces HD vision clarity. Helmet compatible – always a great value.

Start Peacocking today with goggles priced from $100 to $400

  • Zeal Z3: The future now; GPS, heads up display, speedometer, smart phone compatible, jump analytics, anti-fog and polarized – expensive yes
  • Julbo Meteor: Photochromatic lenses adjust to wide array of changing conditions (bright sun and overcast), so you never need to switch lenses. Good for larger face too. Helmet compatible.
  • POC Irsi 3P: Patented color vision boosting filter HCD (High Chromatic Definition) as well as superb olephobic/hydrophobic treatment and state of the art anti-fog treatment. Different sizes and lenses available for customization. Exceptionally tough lenses and frame, no fish bowl effect from lenses – crisp and clear
  • Spy Optics Platoon: ARC spherical lens for crystal clear and distortion free vision. Durable frame, scratch resistant lenses, bonus lens included, helmet compatible

Smith I/OX Turbo Fan

Zeal HD Camera

Zeal Z3

Julbo Meteor


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