Enhance Your Ride With Lambo Doors
Jun 2011 28

The iconic Lamborghini makes me think of a cartoon that has come to life, especially when it was featured in the movie Cannonball Run. It was something that every young boy growing up could imagine owning. The name alone ‘Lamborghini’ still resonates within, and its trademark ‘Lambo’ Doors were a key element in why the car was and is so Peacock.

The fact is, most people will never own a Lambo, or even sit on one for that matter, but having the those unique ‘Lambo’ style doors is an enhancement you can install on your own ride. Available for most makes, visit this site to get your Lambo Doors.

In addition, we’ve located some other custom items to help elevate your ride to new levels; featuring Asanti forged aluminum wheels, LED projector headlight kits, billet grills, carbon fiber body kits, and spoilers. The Lambo Door and carbon fiber body kits are precision made kits which you cannot find at your local parts store, so an experienced professional installer is recommended.
Start Peacocking your Lambo Doors today priced $1,000 to $3,000

Cannonball Run I

Cannonball Run II

LSD Lambo Doors Demo