Bar Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts Of Getting Served
May 2014 05

We all want to party like rock stars and Peacock to new heights in exotic locales all over the globe, but sometimes we have to temper that behavior with some basic manners. Bar etiquette is the proper way one should act when enjoying themselves at a club or bar. Just as there is bar etiquette there are Do’s and Don’ts to getting served. We’ve all waited in line in a crowded bar and noticed the inconsiderate A-hole at the front holding things up by over complicating their order or maybe even awkwardly hitting on the bartender.

These rules are here for the benefit of the bartender and the customer. Follow this list and you’ll come off as a valued customer a bartender will want to repeatedly serve which will Peacock your status among the other patrons.

Get Served!

Get Served!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or fresh of the boat 21 year old these are some basic ‘Rules By Jules’ everyone should know;

1. Be Patient, Wait Your Turn and Be Ready – In a busy club the bar can get swamped, wait to make eye contact and have your drink order and money ready. The best way to not get served is to not be prepared. When we come over to you have your entire drink order on the tip of your tongue. Yes, we can handle the whole order. If you order one beer and we rush back and then you order another drink you’re wasting everyone’s time. We’ve just made a couple trips for you and if you don’t have your money ready you’ll most likely be ignored next time.

2. Never Ask For a “Strong” Drink – The best way to get a weak drink is to ask for a strong drink. You are now assuming that our drinks are weak to begin with, or that we should risk our job and hook you up for some reason. It’s insulting to us and it makes you look cheap. Just spend the extra money and order a double.

3. Learn Your Bartender’s Name – Holding up an empty glass while screaming to get our attention is never acceptable. Neither one of these tactics is recommended. Yo, You, Hey, Sweet Tits or Blondie are some examples of what NOT to say. Be polite, say ‘please’ like your momma taught you and refer to rule #1.

Order Smart

Order Smart

4. Order Smart – When the bar is super busy resist the urge to order a 9 liquor shot or a crazy complicated drink. If you’re with friends don’t order 5 different shots for 5 people; instead agree on something you ALL like ahead of time. Ordering 1 Salty Chihuahua, Champipple, Cooter Cork, Pecker Wrecker, and 1 Scooby Snack is a huge time-consuming ordeal, any bartender will want to avoid you from then on. Stick with beer, single liquor shots, and 2 part cocktails. Please.

5. Don’t Order if You’re Not the One Paying – This can be confusing for bartenders. Only order drinks from a bartender if you are the one paying for those drinks or if you’re on someone else’s tab – and the bartender already knows it.

6. Soda and Juice are NOT Free – If you go to a store to get a soda you have to pay for it. We are a bar and you pay for it here too. We do not have free refills, this isn’t McDonalds. Don’t ask.

Avoid Cheesy Lines

Avoid Cheesy Lines

7. Avoid Cheesy Lines – Cheesy lines don’t work. We’ve heard them all and could probably teach you some. We aren’t laughing at the line, just at you for using it.

8. Never Ask For Prices – If you have to ask how much something is you should not be at the bar – plain and simple. The bartender will know you probably can’t afford the drink you’re asking about and therefore you probably won’t tip. Stay home with a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 if you can’t afford to go out.

9. Don’t take drinks from strangers, get your own – In addition to the very real possibility of some sleazy bastard putting something in your drink. Also, don’t leave your drink on the bar, it will only result in it getting poured out.

10. Always Tip Your Bartender – It’s simple, we work for tips and you come to drink. The more you tip the more likely we’ll remember you and serve you first. It’s a great system for all who participate.

Now all this advice needs to be balanced out by recognizing that all bartenders are certainly not created equal either. There are plenty of examples of subpar bartenders that need to take a look at themselves in the mirror, and this is duly noted. This article merely addresses one side of the issue that you as the customer can effect – by being the best you can be. There is no doubt bartenders too can eradicate any unprofessional behavior on their own part to help make it a positive interaction for both sides.

Most of all HAVE FUN! We hope you enjoy our drinks (and our sense of humor) and follow our rules. Be safe, and drink responsibly!