GPS Angel, Protection From Red Light & Speed Cameras
Dec 2010 23

If you’ve ever gotten a ticket from a red light or speed camera then you’re aware they are the bain of our existence. Inaccurate and problematic at best, these cameras infringe on our basic rights as citizens. The municipalities have teamed up with private companies to run these lights and steal your hard earned money! The solution is the GPS Angel, a device that plugs into your car lighter and detects all red light and speed cameras wherever you may roam.

The device is provided with free unlimited access and updates to the database, so you’re never without the latest protection (most detectors you have to pay for this service). Automated camera tickets are not cheap, starting at $100 to $300 the device will pay for itself immediately.

Don’t let your city drag you into their camera scandal and avoid them by knowing their locations. Knowledge is power, and power is Peacock. Visit this site to get your GPS Angel.

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